Services Available

Assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior:

Although Sparks Behavioral Services will take on private clients, because most insurances will not cover these services, the majority of the severe problem behavior cases we receive come from local community mental health agencies. If you family is in need of these services, Dr. Sparks reccomends that you contact the Michigan Department of Mental Health, or the community mental health agency for your county to see what services are available so you do not have to pay out of pocket.

Dr. Sparks and his associates have encountered cases which have included a wide variety of problems including: verbal aggression, physical aggression, self-injurious behavior, pica, suicidal behavior, inappropriate sexual behavior, incontinence, polydipsia, behavior associated with dementia, deviant sexual behavior, delusional behavior, and homicidal behavior.

Consulting on a severe problem behavior case begins with an assessment to rule out any potential medical issues which might contribute to the target behavior, and to determine environmental conditions which lead to instances of the behavior in question. Once the behavior consultant is confident that they understand the function of the target behavior, they will design a behavior plan that will address how to attempt to prevent future instances, how to teach appropriate alternative behaviors to replace the inappropriate behavior, and how to respond when the target behavior does occur. Caregivers (family, residential home staff, etc.) will be trained to implement the plan and the behavior consultant will continue to provide support as necessary until the plan goals are met.

School consulting:

Dr. Sparks and his associates are available to introduce programs to promote positive behavior at the school, classroom, and individual student levels. The Behavior consultant will begin with an assessment to determine what is causing instances of problem behavior, and present recommendation to the classroom staff and school administrators. If the principal signs off, the behavior consultant will work with the classroom teacher(s) to prepare and set up the behavior program, and will continue to monitor and troubleshoot any issues. The behavior consultant will continue the relationship with the school as long as their services are beneficial, and the school administrators continue to welcome her or him.

We also offer consulting on instructional design on a case by case basis for students, classrooms, and schools that are struggling with academic achievement. These services are based on scientific research and best practice.

Autism services:

We expect to begin offering early intensive behavioral intervention for autism in the future. If you are in need of these services, and they are not yet available through our company, feel free to contact us for help finding other resources.